Time Until Sunday 3rd May 2015.

Introducing The Two Teams -Yando VS Lake Marmal.


Lake Marmal


Coach – Mark ‘Barnie’ Lanyon


· Julian ‘Jobbies’ Smith – Captain


· Brett ‘BJ’ Jeffrey – Vice Captain

· Dale ‘Jimmy’ Barnes
· Andrew ‘Cooney’ Coons
· Mick ‘Micky’ Everard
· Grant ‘Ron’ Forbes
· Nathan ‘Goodo’ Gooding
· Tim ‘Butthead’ Gross
· James ‘ Works’ Gross
· Sam ‘Sammy’ Gross
· Stuart ‘Bickies’ Gould
· Paul ‘Doggy’ Harris
· Sam ‘Pedro’ Lanyon
· Andrew ‘Drooby’ Lanyon
· Damian ‘Dan’ Lanyon
· Mark ‘Plugger’ Perryman
· David ‘Presto’ Preston
· Craig ‘Shorty’ Scott
· Ashley ‘Obbies’ Smith
· Craig ‘Craigos’ Smith
· Craig ‘Tooda’ Storey
· David ‘Beaver’ Weaver
· Greg ‘Boydy’ Boyd


Coach – Ashley ‘AB’ Byrne


· Steve ‘Nugget’ Byrne – Captain


· Craig ‘C’ Rutley – Vice Captain

· Drew ‘Barty’ Batram
· Chris ‘Beats’ Beattie
· Jeffrey ‘Brownie’ Brown
· Andrew ‘Brownie’ Brown
· Michael ‘Spider’ Byrne
· Tim ‘Dippa’ Byrne
· Nick ‘Cock Eyes’ Byrne
· Carl ‘Chambo’ Chamberlin
· Kevin ‘Cookie’ Cooke
· Ethan ‘Snout’ Leeds
· Matthew ‘Melmac’ Malone
· Grant ‘Gredge’ Malone
· Adam ‘Pots’ Potter
· Michael ‘Thomas’ Toose
· Vaughan ‘Vorgan’ Toose
· Andrew ‘Beamer’ Rutley
· Robert ‘Pudja’ Rutley
· Simon Touhey
·Shayne ‘Buck’ Morris
·Jason ‘Flappers’ Nelson
·Matthew ‘Matt’ Byrne


Field Umpires

· Peter Darker
· Kelvin Ritchie
· Dean Harrington

Boundary Umpires

· Mitch Baker
· Jack Weaver
· Jack Featherby

Goal Umpires

· Ed Wilson
· Troy Perryman

Scoreboard Attendants

· Brian Doody
· Geoff Barmby
· Andrew Baker

Massage Team

· Wayne Maxted


· David Rees
· John Buchanan
· Lawrence Cameron

Scratched Players

·         Shane ‘Yabby’ Campbell

Our Crazy Talents

Goal kicking 90%
Weight loss 95%
Days on track 92%
Discipline 97%

Join the star studded line-up!

Who Are Boort Legends

Reconnecting the community through a mutual, positive, fun energy, while making a difference.
Our vision provides the roadmap and focuses on what we need to accomplish in order to achieve a successful event and strengthen the Boort community. Our key focusses are:

• People: reconnecting
• Community: fundraising for local charities and special causes

Our organisation’s values outline our actions and describe how we behave in this community. We believe in:

• Leadership: Creating a stronger community
• Teamwork: Utilising everyone’s strengths and capabilities
• Integrity: Being honest and sincere with oneself and others
• Passion: Living it daily
• Accountability: If it is to be – it’s up to me!
• Focus: Focusing our energies for greater results
• Respect: One another. Always