Time Until Sunday 3rd May 2015.

What is the Boort Legends Game?

The Boort Legends Game is an annual event which brings together past players, family and friends from the Boort community for a fun and entertaining Aussie Rules football match. This initiative is designed to also raise money for the local Boort Hospital and promote positive and mental health. This annual event reunites the legendary retired champions of the Boort Football Club.

Who organises this game?

The organisers are representatives from the Boort Football Club (both past and present) and the local community. The main event organisers are Julian Smith, David Rees and Tom Bleicher. 2015 will be the first official Boort Legends Game and it aims to create a new community spirit which draws back past players, friends and family to Boort Victoria Australia. In addition, this event aims to improve both mental and physical health of the community.

Who receives funds from this event?

The Boort Football Club will make a donation to the new Boort Hospital.

What is the date of the game this year?

We kick off on Sunday 3rd May 2015.

When will the teams be announced?

On Saturday 2nd May 2015, a special exciting function will be held at the Boort Football Club rooms. During this function the two teams will be announced including umpires and game officials. Keep an eye out on Facebook and this website for updates and special news.

What time will the Boort Legends Game start on Sunday 3rd May 2015?

Be in the club rooms around 9:30am for an official start of 11:00am. Pre-game entertainment (to be announced) will occur prior to match.

What time will the big game finish?

We plan to run four (4) quarters of 15-20 minutes duration (If the players last). We should finish around noon (or earlier, depending on fitness levels!).

Where is the Boort Legends’ Game held?

This game will be held at the Boort Football Ground – Victoria Australia. Check our website for directions. To travel to Boort – again check our website for directions and google map.

What is the Official Boort Legends Game Awards Session?

After the big game, a lunch will be held with presentations made including special awards and announcements.

Where can I register to play?

Visit the Register Now page and simply enter your details. Once completed you are ‘confirmed’. We’ll see you on the day. Keep up to date on Facebook and the blogs released on this page.

Can I buy food and drinks during the big game?

Yes, the canteen will be open for the purchase of food and beverages during the game.

How can I volunteer / assist on the day?

Just go to Contact Us / Register Now and complete the form. Turn up on the day and see the organisers for direction. Also, please remember to share our website/blogs/Facebook on your own accounts and talk about us as much as possible! Spread the word!