Hey all you Boort natives! We’re looking for players under 49 who wanna become legends on Sunday May 3rd! We know you’ve still got that love of the game, but here’s 7 reasons to convince you to sign up anyway!  Register Now.

1.       Catch up with your mates – nothing beats a friendly game of footy to catch up on old times, and this is gonna be one heck of a reunion!

2.      Weekend away – this game is a great excuse for a little getaway back to Boort. Head on up early and spend Saturday relaxing in time for the big game.  Watch Boort take on St Arnaud on the home turf on the Saturday and enjoy the major event Saturday night for the Legends’ team announcements and entertainment.

3.       Family – Boort is the perfect family weekend retreat. Bring your mob back to where you grew up and enlist them as your own personal cheering squad!

4.      Get mentally and physically fit and healthy again – no doubt some of us have committed to a new health regime for 2015. If there’s anything we’ve learnt from our sport and fitness experience, It’s that the best solutions are “ones that you enjoy!” You’ll have a ball playing in the Legends Game and get fit at the same time. Bonus!

5.      Rivalry – has it been bugging you? That ancient friendly rivalry from yester-year? Put those rivalries to rest by carrying your legendary team to victory in front of the crowds!

6.        Competitive edge – of all reasons, don’t you just miss the game?? We sure do! We grew up playing with some of the best of the best, and can’t wait to get back into the competitive spirit!

7. It’s a great cause – and of course the last, but certainly not least important reason you should make the commitment to becoming a legend is the awesome cause we’re all working towards! Your commitment will help us raise much needed funds for the local hospital, and in turn, support the entire Boort community as it continues to grow. Together we can make an amazing, positive difference.

So what are you waiting for? Go to our Register Now page and enter your details right now.  We know you’ve got it in you! We’re all in the same boat. Ready to support each other, ready to get back into it and ready to fight for victory! Say “YES!” to legend status and sign up via our registration form today!