Boort Football Club and the Boort Legends’ Game organisers is committed to providing a safe, fun and rewarding event for all participants.  There are a number hazards associated with this event.  The football ground is considered a place of risk due to potential injuries and accidents.

 Please read the following statement.  By registering to play in the Boort Legends Game you agree to the following terms and conditions.

 I agree to follow all instructions given to me by Boort Football Club and event organisers of the Boort Legends Game on the grounds of safety.  I agree to being withdrawn from the event should my actions be deemed dangerous in the opinion of the club.

Stated below are actions considered to be unsuitable:

a)      endangering other players and spectators
b)      high tackles or inappropriate behaviour that endangers others on or off the field
c)       falling to follow instructions
d)      any actions considered dangerous in the opinion of the club.

 I understand that if I am withdrawn from the event due to a dangerous incident or practice no refund of fees is available.  I am in good medical health, and at a level of fitness, so as not to impair my ability to play football in a fun environment.  I do not suffer from any ailment or impairment that may affect my ability to play a game of football.  I indemnify Boort Football Club, its event organisers of the Boort Legends Game, companies etc promoting or managing this event or any of its employees / agents and committee members from any claim resulting from any accident proved caused from my medical condition or playing this game.

 I, the participant, also give consent to the event organisers  (where acting through the Boort Legends Game or other) to use any photos or images taken of me by or on behalf of the Boort Legends Game, and any statements, quotes, testimonials and photographs (including video footage) provided by me at the request of, or on behalf of the Boort Legends Game in whole or in part, as well as my name and / or likeness in conjunction therewith, for any and all purposes in whole or in part.  I understand and agree that the event organisers of the Boort Legends Game is the exclusive owner of all right, title and interest including copyright, of all statements, quotes and  / or testimonials, photographs, film and images as my be taken of or from me, or provided, or made available, by me.  I understand and agree that this material may be used in, by not limited to, cds, dvds or video tapes, electronic media (such as websites), fact sheets, information packs, printed promotional materials, reports, presentations, speeches and editorial.